Wedding photographer – Dušan Rašević

Are you getting married in Serbia or throughout Europe? Are you in search for a photographer who can capture each and every detail of your most important day faithfully, just as it is, with all those sighs and smiles?
You can stop searching because you found him.

Dušan Rašević is a professional photographer who won’t fail to meet your expectations.

He has been doing this job since 2009. He likes to say that for him, taking photos has never been something that he does just because of its purpose, but something which always involves a lot of emotions and feelings. Photography means a lot to him because it represents his way of expressing himself, his life story and the story you’d like to tell.

It is very rare to have the opportunity to repeat the photo session if you are not satisfied with the photos you have. Do not allow yourself to have your wedding day ceremony badly photographed or even not photographed at all – there is no need for that. Dušan will certainly seize the most significant moments of your ceremony and his photos will show the festivity of the occasion. Photos from your wedding ceremony will definitely evoke respect and admiration in the same way your wedding ceremony did.

Would you like to hire him?

He is here to photograph even the tiniest details.

Has it ever happened to you to look at the old photos and encounter some details which awoke some of the feelings you had before? That’s the point – his eye of the professional photographer can see everything and is also able to recognize people’s feelings and capture them by his camera.

In his career, wedding photography takes special place and also represents a branch of photography which he enjoys the most, because it implies serious planning, creative and professional approach as well as great experience.

For him there are no clients of less importance, there are only big or small jobs.

Almost ten years of experience, his team of qualified and experienced photographers and the most modern equipment are the guarantee that you will be satisfied with his work.