15 frequently asked questions for your wedding photographer

15 frequently asked questions for your wedding photographer


  1. General – What should you know about wedding photography?

Taking photos of your wedding is not an easy task at all, so the search for the right photographer can be pretty tough job. No matter whether your choice is Dušan Rašević’s team or someone else, we made a list of 15 questions which are supposed to help you find an ideal photographer for your most important day.

  1. What is your style?

This should be your first and essential question because your style is what can lead you to the best choice of photographer. Dušan Rašević’s style is based on a photo report (a sequence of photos) combined with fashionable and artistic techniques which make these photos unique.

  1. How many weddings have you photographed and have there been any similar to mine?

This question is essential because it goes back to experience of your photographer. Years of taking photos are not a good indicator for the right choice because photographers may have been doing that job for years but having a little experience in taking wedding photos. If thus, rethink your choice.

  1. How many times have you taken photos as a wedding photographer?

This question is important as it helps you find out if your photographer is specialized in taking wedding photos or if he/she works as a wedding photographer from time to time. No doubt, it’d be better to hire a photographer who is specialized in taking wedding photos because of the details and wedding photography style. Dušan Rašević has taken photos on almost 500 weddings.

  1. How many other events are you going to take photos of at the same weekend?

Large photo studios with several professional and high-ranked photographers usually have two or three events per weekend because they have the adequate number of photographers. However, small studios can’t plan their working weekend in that way. Imagine the studio with only one photographer and 2 or 3 weddings at the same weekend. In this case, he/she can’t be totally concentrated on your wedding, so the service you get wouldn’t be satisfactory. In Dušan Rašević’s team there are four professional photographers.

  1. Is there a contract of your services? Can we have a copy of it?

There are a number of studios without contracts made for wedding photography service. You should ask for a contract which shows you a type of service you will be given, prices for the service etc.  That contract is important for you as well as for your wedding photographer. The best choice would be to hire a photographer who will sign a contract with you.

  1. Do you have other contracted photographers in case of unpredictable circumstances?

Even if there is a little chance of having an unpredictable situation like illness for example, it is still possible that something unpleasant happens. It is of great importance for you to know if the studio you chose has an adequate backup in that case. In Dušan Rašević’s team there are four equally qualified master photographers (Dušan, Jelena, Katarina and Saša)who can do equally good job.

  1. Does the package I choose include an assistant photographer?

If you have more than 50 guests on your wedding day, you should choose a package with an assistant photographer. There are a number of situations which can’t be captured by only one photographer. For example, it is impossible for one photographer to take a photo of the first kiss and a photo of a tear in mother’s eye at the same time.

  1. Could I choose a style of photo editing and retouching?

Postproduction style which is used in the studio you choose represents one of the most important factors when it comes to the final product you get. Be extremely careful with your choice because there are a lot of studios where photographers don’t edit and retouch photos, but give them straight from the camera. In this case you don’t get a professional product.

  1. Is every photo retouched by means of colours?

Colour retouching represents the basic postproduction and it should be applied to each and every photo. Lots of photographers won’t apply it or they will apply it on “chosen” photos.

Dušan Rašević Wedding Photography will retouch each and every photo so that you can get the best quality of every photo taken.

  1. Which photo equipment do you use? Is there a backup?

We use high quality cameras: 5D Mark III and 6D with the best quality L camera objectives (Canon). Although it is not necessary to have the best quality equipment as a photographer, it is necessary to have backup equipment in case something unpredictable happens.

  1. In case our wedding day lasts longer than planned, will you stay extra hours and how is it charged?

The most important for you is to read the contract carefully, especially the part about charging extra hours. You certainly wouldn’t like your photographer to leave your wedding after 8 hours.

  1. What is the dress code of a photographer and assistant photographers?

We pay great attention to dress code as well, so be sure that your photographers will be dressed properly.

  1. How long are we going to wait for our photos or albums to be finished?

Online gallery will be made two weeks after your wedding. When you make a list of photos, we need up to 30 days to give you full-prepared product.

  1. What is Engagement photography?

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